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20 Dec 2021

Little or no FG

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Yesterday I found a 1969 cent, and I looked at the reverse and I could not find any FG. Then when I looked at it with a microscope, I could barely see any FG and I think I found some doubling. Maybe it was the way the light shone on the coin, but I looked at it from the other side and it didn't look like it was doubled. I hope I found an error, because it will be my first error I found in circulation! Anyways, back to the FG, I have some pictures to show you guys to see if you think it is valuable. I looked in my error coin book and there weren't any errors on the plain 1969 cent, so I need someone to tell me if this is an error. I'm not that good with errors unless they're obvious.



Level 5

I can see the FG. Grease build up would probably be the cause, so no Uber value here unless the FG is ALL gone, which it is not.


Level 6

Nice. Thanks for sharing! ; )


Level 5

If it was an error, you should be able to find it mentioned somewhere. Probably a lot of that year are the same way. Let us know what you find out.


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Level 6

Here is the deal. I found on of those with no FG a few years ago. It too was my first "major" find. I sent it into ANACS and they graded , slabbed it, and noted the error number from Fivaz's Cherry Pickers guide. All good. The next time the Cheery Pickers guide came out they removed the error designation. Called it grease build up. So???? Dang!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice catch .


Level 7

I have rolls of those on the 1960 ents

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