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04 Dec 2021

Thomas Jefferson

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This is a paper I wrote about Thomas Jefferson and decided to put it on the ANA as a history lesson. Hope you like it!

Thomas Jefferson

Farmer. Writer. President. Thomas Jefferson fulfilled all of these roles and occupations. That is impressive! Thomas Jefferson's early life, character and his service to our country together make him an extraordinary face of history. During Jefferson's early life, he was an extremely hard-working boy who enjoyed being outside. While his character was diligent, designing his estate, Monticello, his character was also oxymoronic, as he owned slaves but wrote that “all people are born with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Finally, as a politician, he served as Secretary of State and Vice President. Lastly, as our third president, he made America two times its original size.

Thomas Jefferson's early life was extremely divergent from one's early life today. He was the third child in his family. During his childhood, he had two older sisters, four younger sisters, and one younger brother. When they were young, two of his siblings died and two of his other siblings were twins. His dad, who was named Peter, was a prosperous farmer who owned more than 100 slaves. He was also a surveyor. A surveyor is someone who measures land. His father had experience in government, which possibly inspired Jefferson to become interested in politics. Reading books was a passion of his. He read books about history, science, philosophy, government, mathematics, music, and art. He even loved to read Shakespeare in his spare time. “I cannot live without books,” is something he declared. In addition, his early life was a far cry from a typical childhood. Before the age of nine, he was taught to act like an English gentleman and attended many dances. When he was nine years old, Jefferson was sent to study with Reverend William Douglas for five years and returned home only for vacations. The Reverend taught Thomas Latin, Greek and French. When he was thirteen, he was nicknamed “Tall Tom” because he was six feet two inches tall. At age fourteen, his father died, and he inherited 2,500 acres of his estate and around thirty slaves. He also loved to learn and graduated college in just two years, which is unbelievable! Lastly, he enjoyed countless outside activities like planting, horseback riding, fishing and canoeing.

Thomas Jefferson was a historical figure of extraordinary character. Speaking seven different languages, including English, French and Spanish was something he was capable of doing. He collected hundreds of items, like bones, maps, and stamps which decorated Monticello. He practiced his violin three hours each day. About fifteen hours a day is how long he sometimes spent studying. You can tell that he was an extremely hard-working person. While others wanted to build cities, he wanted to keep farms. He loved plants. He diligently labored in his garden. Jefferson relished completing hundreds of tasks every day. Despite these aspects of his character, there were also aspects which were oxymoronic, and maybe even hypocritical. Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, some of whom he was the father to, but petitioned congress to abolish slavery. He was the father of many slaves. Sadly, his children were slaves to him. Can you imagine calling your dad Master? Jefferson’s character was truly complex.

A third and final factor which made Thomas Jefferson famous was his service to our country. In the 1770’s, non-fair British laws and high taxes made Jefferson and a lot of other Americans angry. In 1775, Americans went to war against Britain to win freedom and in 1776 Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence. Many founding fathers signed in to show their support. This was considered treason. Within the Declaration of Independence are Jefferson’s ideas which include that “all men are created equal.” Upholding these words is what most Americans primarily try to do. While these words are written for Americans, many people around the world believe these ideas too. Following the war, when George Washington became president, Jefferson served as his Secretary of State. After that role he triumphantly transitioned into the role of Vice President under John Adams. Finally, in 1801, Thomas Jefferson became the 3rd president of the United States. While he was President, France offered to sell the Louisiana territory to America. Jefferson purchased it for $15,000,000! (Today that is around $1,500,000,000) When he did, the country grew two times its original size. Thomas Jefferson was a great servant to our country.

Thomas Jefferson's life was unusually unique, and he is a significant founding father. As a young child, he loved the outdoors. He also adored reading. His character was utterly confusing. It was confusing because he owned slaves, yet he declared that all people should be free. Participating in the revolution by writing the Declaration of Independence, which helped America win its freedom, was a risky thing he did. Thankfully, this important document changed American history. After the Revolution, he served as Secretary of State, Vice President and then President of our nation. He also led the way in expanding the acreage of America. Thomas Jefferson will always be remembered as one of the greatest historical figures in America.


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There are a bunch of coins with Jefferson on them, like the present-day nickel. Also, in 2003, there was the Louis and Clark bicentennial nickels with them exploring America on the reverse.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

While it is true that some Jeffersons had children with some of the slaves, there is no unequivocal proof genetically that Thomas Jefferson fathered children with Sally Hemmings according to PBS and The Monticello foundation.


Level 6

Amazing history! Thanks for a wonderful blog! ; )

I have an unlimited area available for any statues him removed by people in NY. I can come pick them up whenever, lol. One of my favorite Presidents and Philosophers of all time.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Great blog!!! My Great X4 Uncle, Edmund Bacon, was in charge of the grounds crew at Monticello while Jefferson was President.


Level 6

Nice job, keep up the good work


Level 5

Cool paper.


Level 6

Great report. Thanks for the history and bibliography.


Level 5

I own several sets that pay tribute to Jefferson. Not only do you see his likeness on coins, but also on currency. Great history refresher, and thanks for sharing!

AC coin$

Level 6

Great blog and Nice history


Level 7

One of my favorites. That's his medal in my avitar. He was a great President. A great founding father. I picked up some facts today. Thank you for that. The purpose of a blog. You wrote it very well.


Level 5

Amazing times when the country formed and became independent. Very nice history lesson. Thank you

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