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17 Jan 2022

Ways to Tell if a Morgan Dollar is Fake

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Here are some ways to tell if a Morgan dollar is fake:

1: Weight

The normal weight of a Morgan is 26.73 grams, so if yours weighs way more or way less, than it is probably fake. Unless there is a hole or part of the coin is missing, of course.

2: Magnet

Morgan dollars are not magnetic. Find a good magnet, place it against your Morgan, and if it sticks, then your coin is probably fake.

3: Ding

There is a special ding when you tap a Morgan with another Morgan. Place the one you are testing on one finger, then gently tap the field of it

with another coin. Listen to the sound of a real one, then the sound of the one you are testing, and if it sounds off, then it might be fake. And, please don't hit it hard! It might cause a scratch or a dent. Only do this test on less-valuable coins.

4: Silver test

For this test, you can get an x-ray or something that detects silver.

5: Measurement

Measure the diameter. It should be 1.5 inches.

6: Bubbles

Sometimes on fake coins, there are weird bubbles getting into the coin when it was unauthentically struck. Some real coins might have toning with spots. Look out for those bubbles!

Please note that these tests also work on peace dollars and any other silver dollar made with the same alloy.



Level 6

Many thanks for the information! ; )


Level 5

Thanks for the information. I will make sure to check Morgan dollars. Never want to buy one and find out it’s fake. That’s pretty much true for any coin not just the Morgan. I just never want to buy a fake coin. Good blog!


Level 4

The best way of determining them is to become familiar with the coin by reviewing and grading hundreds or thousands of them. After that, most fakes show up startling clear. Your brain is a very good pattern matching intelligence


Level 4

Wow. Dont got any Morgan's, but if I do I'll do some off these tests!

Don't do the ding test on more valuable coins.

AC coin$

Level 6

Moreover, I concur with Mokie and Bama, the six steps detection method is good, however sources and provider's background while acquiring all sorts of coinage is the checklist primary start. Beyond this, I think you're an outstanding collector my friend '7777 with keen eyes and senses for all items. Great hunting !!


Level 5

If you use a scale it might be to late. I always wonder about fakes. Nice information.

Long Beard

Level 5

Bama beat me to it. Specific gravity test in place of the "ding". Don't do it!


Level 4

Nice! The best way to get real Morgans is, don't buy them from fraudulent people!

It's Mokie

Level 6

A digital scale and digital caliper are a must for the serious collector. I also like to take my Chinese stamp and chop the dollar to see if any base metals are under the surface (just kidding).


Level 6

@Mokie That is hilarious.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

@Mokie: Bwa ha ha haha!!!!!



Level 7

No ding test for me. To much can happen. Match it up to a good one and look for small differences.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

A more affordable approach would be to measure specific gravity. Also you might measure the diameter

I'll add that.


Level 6

Just can't bring myself to do the ding test. Thanks.

I know, right?

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice information for all . Thanks

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