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16 Nov 2022

Why I Haven’t Been Active

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Hey everyone, I haven’t been on the ANA in a while, and here is why: whenever I get new coins I post a blog about it. But right now I’m saving up for a phone, and I can’t spend any money on anything else. Since I like silver coins, the coins I usually want to get are more expensive (considering that I’m almost done with my collection and I need older coins). Since I haven’t gotten any new coins recently, I haven’t posted any blogs. I have about half of the money I need saved up, and I expect to get the rest during Christmas (I get A LOT). My membership expires New Year’s Day, but I should renew it by then. If not, I can do it another time in January. When I get the phone, I’ll try to finish my collection and I’ll be more active. Thanks for reading!



Level 6

Thanks for checking in! ; ) Be active when you can, the site will still be here... ; )


Level 7

If you have something to do. Like in the house you don't have to apologize to no one. Your a collector like almost all of us and will be weather you have something to do take care of it. We will be here waiting for you.. I don't get mussey!! And you always can read the good blogs we write . So you can still pick things up.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good to see you here again, I misses you. Just hope everything goes fine and you will be with us. You happen to be one of the users I admire the most. You will have my appreciation always. Never give up. Good luck.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I believe we've all had snags in time that have held up our collecting efforts. Things come up and they pass and we begin again. It's happened to me quite a few times. I usually stop for a few months at the end of the year and start back collecting in January.


Level 6

No problem. We will be here. Go out and live your life.


Level 5

Collecting on a budget - I am with you on this one.


Level 4

Best of luck. Coin collecting is definitely a long term adventure. Don’t feel bad about not getting new coins or not posting new blogs. Those of us who are active are always checking in.


Level 5

Looking forward to your blog reports. Always enjoy new purchase reports and where a purchase was made and why. Enjoy the personal aspect of coin collecting. Good hearing from you.


Level 5

All is good. Come back any time you're ready. You're anytime and always welcome here!


Level 7

Hey there are other things than this hobby. Its called life. When you get the phone you can take great pictures of them with you new phone!!

I hope you can renew it on new years day.

BTW I’ll try to be more active from now on.

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