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13 Apr 2017

80-year set

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Jefferson nickels have been minted since 1938. That's approaching 80 years! A set that covers so many years has a lot to offer a collector.
Not many first year coins were saved, but it is not a scarce coin. One may show up in change. It's possible for every date and mint Jefferson can turn up in change, making it the only set that can be collected out of pocket change. I attempted this set years ago, and came up two coins short, the 1943-D and 1939-D. For a series that covers so many years, that's remarkable. Yes, I did find a 1950-D.
Even the War nickels are found in change. I got one fairly recently. Many people don't realize these coins are 35% silver. They stand out, as they have a scruffy appearance.
And if you want to spend a little money? Those who appreciate super Mint State coins can search for coins with full steps. Collectors who want the best the Mint has to offer have many years of proof nickels to collect. Some varieties can be found, and there are always mint errors to make the set more interesting.
Try Jefferson nickels. Try collecting the old-fashioned way. It might be fun.



Level 5

Another set that does not break the bank to collect.


Level 5

Did a complete set (minus the 39-D) from change in the middle 90's. As a nickel collector, I do like the Jefferson's as an affordable set.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i am done with my later years of that set 1960-2016 but it is fun going through coin rolls and finding many from the 40's and 50's still in circulation. thinking of starting an uncirculated set of jeffersos in a dansco album soon!

Jefferson nickels are one of my favorite coins. I enjoy studying about them and collecting them. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

It is an easy series to get kids & new people involved with the hobby - Going through bank Rolls, Going through loose Change or accumulated change - many gaps can be filled quickly & for those difficult dates - there is always coin club for kids !


Level 6

Another series that is in reach of collectors. Nickels are my favorite.


Level 5

Another great multi-generational set to collect. A family can collect this with three generations. There are 3 Whitman folders, #1 is 1938 to 1961 for the grandparent, #2 1962 to 1995 for the parent and #3 1996 for the child. And when it is complete a lot of family memories.


Level 5

That is another great series. It doesn't get nearly the respect it should. In my opinion it is the most easily collectible set, so why not start a YN on these instead of Lincoln Cents as is the norm.


Level 7

That's great. I did that with my son but had to order some proofs I didn't have. Many of the coins in circulation are not in bad shape. I call it the work horse of coinage. My son and I put the deluxe set together. It took awhile but we had a ball. It's fun. I received the 38 and 38 d in change in such good shape I sent them in. I received a 66 on the 38 and 65 on the d. Putting the whole thing together and I have the receipts came to under two hundred and fifty. Two thirty eight to be exact. But what fun we HD. Sometimes we find a better nickel and put that in. Again a wonderful memories. Thanks. Mike. That included the two Dansco albums.

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