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26 Jan 2017

Circulation finds

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In over fifty years of collecting, I've made my share of finds. When I began my interest in coins, silver coins were still found in change. Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, Standing Liberty quarters, and lots of wheat back cents could be seen often.
Many of the Mercury dimes bore dates of the World War II years. Some were in surprisingly nice condition, with mintmarks too. Many were well-worn. I attempted to complete a Roosevelt dime set from change, but never found any dated 1955.
Buffalo nickels often had the dates worn off, but still had mintmarks--frustrating! A few with dates did turn up, all dated in the 1930s. War nickels were plentiful. I recall a family trip to Washington DC where War nickels were found every day. I found 10 of the 11 issues, missing 1943-D. Yes, I got a 1950-D in change, at an ice cream shop!
Washington quarters were the workhorse coin in circulation. This was true in the 1960s and is probably true now. Dates in the 1930s were seen, and once I got a 1932-D! This was my best circulation find. Perhaps second best was a 1917 Type I quarter, with the last two digits of the date visible. Almost every Standing Liberty quarter had a worn date, but a few from the late 1920s and 1930 had dates. The date was recessed in 1925.
Plenty of Lincoln cents with the wheat ears were still around, dating back to 1910. I never found any dated 1909, or 1922. A lovely 1928 showed up one day. Many 1943 War cents were seen, most with rust spots. S Mint cents were hard to find in the Chicago area.
When the Kennedy half dollar was introduced in 1964, many people saved them. Half dollars all but disappeared from change. Whenever I'd see one sitting in a cash register, I'd ask for it. I got one Walker and many Franklins this way.
While researching a long article on Kennedy halves, I obtained rolls of half dollars from local banks. I was surprised at how many silver coins could be found, 90% and 40%. Collector-only issues 1970-D and 1987-D turned up in rolls.
Collectors still search through rolls and still make good finds. Who knows what still could be found? Keep searching.



Level 5

Harder to find than ever. People got the bug and now have combed through so many coins. Finding error coins is all about is left.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it is getting harder each year but cool things are still showing up


Level 4

Totally have found great item in rolls - A friend from college & I were plowing through penny rolls & he found an indian head !!!


Level 7

Thanks for telling a little about most of us. There are still those filling books and coin rolling. I just ordered ten rolls of wheats. Keeps me busy and this guy has quality. Besides all that it's fun!.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing your own story. I, personally love searching rolls for varieties. My bank can't even order half-dollar rolls. Sadly the days of great change are over for now, in my opinion. Doesn't stop me or many others to stop looking though. Good luck and thank you.

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