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19 Dec 2016

Collector questions

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Questions for the collecting community:
1. How satisfied are you with Mint products? Are there too many issues? What would you like to see?
2. What new reference books are needed? On a series, or collecting in general? Aspects of collecting?
3. Research needs? Specialists in say, large cents or colonials know of research, but any other series? Modern coins?
4. How can a collector be more involved in this great hobby if he/she doesn't travel?



Level 5

Products from the US Mint have lost their artistic designs (except for the ATB quarters). The US Mint product premiums are too high and their rules around limits / mintages seem un-caring to collectors. There seems to be plenty of books on every topic in the hobby. Too many written just to make a buck or see their own name published.

1. As a YN I haven't made my first purchase from the Mint yet. I've read about people having issues with the Mint, but I'm not sure how big of a problem it is. I would like to see a new head of the Mint, based on things I've heard about the current one. ~ 2. I don't know what new reference books might be needed. I use "The Red Book" and recommend others to use it and any other books that have information about coins they collect. ~ 3. I'm not sure what you mean about research needs, so I don't have any recommendations for others. ~ 4. With the internet I believe that travel might not be necessary at all. You can see the world of coins online and buy anything you can afford. ~ Thanks for the questions!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very insightful questions . i think Kellen answered them fairly well. thanks for asking


Level 5

1. I think the mint has done fairly well keeping their collector coin issuance to a minimum. There are only 2 commems a year, and for those of us who don't buy gold, medals, or other bullion, that's pretty good. Their packaging could use some work. I want to see more Mint forums. 2. This questions is too broad. The only one I would say you must have is the Red Book. 3. nnp.wustl.edu 4. Online. I run a Youtube, but you can also run a blog, or an eBay, etc

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