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23 Nov 2016

Eyes of a collector

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Some years ago, I suffered a detached retina in my right eye. I lost much of the distance vision in that eye, although my activities of daily living are fine.. I can read and write and examine coins as well as I ever did.
I follow the Chicago Lighthouse on Twitter, my favorite charity, who does so much for the blind and visually impaired. They retweeted an article on Braille. I responded with a mention of 2 US coins with Braille: a commemorative silver dollar of 2009, honoring Louis Braille, and the 2003 Alabama Statehood quarter.
Consider how much you use your eyes. You check your change. You look at coins in a junk box, in cardboard holders, or in slabs. You may get a close look through a magnifier or a loupe. I knew an authenticator who used a microscope!
A numismatist also does a great deal of reading, studying new reference books, perusing auction catalogs. If you are serious enough to do research, you look at old books, magazines and articles, in print or online. Don't forget the snail mail, e-mail, and social media.
I once consulted my optometrist regarding the eyes of a coin collector. He was helpful and gave me many tips and advice that turned into an article for The Numismatist, "The eyes have it." He spoke of different lighting and the importance of taking breaks when doing much close-up work.
The eyes of a numismatist are of utmost importance. Take care of your eyes.



Level 5

Great to hear you recovered and were able to continue with your passion for numismatics. Excellent advice for anyone. Thanks.


Level 5

Good on ya' for not letting some eye damage stop you from pursuing you interests. Not to be corny or anything, but that's an inspiring story.


Level 6

Thank you. Glad you liked this blog.


Level 6

I once knew a man that lost his eye sight, but still have me purchase coins for him, like 09-S VDB


Level 5

I am thankful that you didn't lose your near-sight retina, or else numismatics would get a lot harder for you. When I was six I was hit by a bunji cord in my eye. Thankfully, I see out of that eye just fine, but I did experience temporarily being half-blind. I can't imagine being blind in both eyes.


Level 6

What an accident. Glad there was no lasting damage. My R eye was out of business for 2 months, & it was at the holiday season, so no shopping that year. All is well. Thanks for your interest.


Level 5

I would hate to lose my sight. Be thankful you have what you do. There is another collector on here that wrote a blog about being a blind numismatist.


Level 7

Sorry to hear what happened to you . I'm glad you can still write and go forward. You have alot of strength. Thanks for the blog. We do take advantage of our eyes. I have to were prescription dark glasses all day. But I do see normal colors. Thanks again enjoy tomorrow. Mike


Level 6

Thanks so much for the eye care tips. Sounds like you're not letting it keep you down. Good luck and Thanks!!

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