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05 Jan 2017

Flying Eagle cents

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Can a collector specialize in Flying Eagle cents? Minted for circulation only two years?
Yes. This is one interesting series for a dedicated numismatist who loves history.
The Flying Eagle cent was the first small-sized cent, minted for circulation in 1857 and 1858. The 1858 comes in large letters and small letters varieties. In the large letters coin, the letters A and M in America are joined; in the small letters, they are separated. There is also a 1858/7 overdate that is listed in the Red Book. There are other varieties, for both years.
1856 Flying Eagle cents were minted to the tune of 2000 pieces, a large number for what is technically a pattern. There were more, in proof. This coin has always been a favorite with collectors. One dealer used to lead off his auctions with a 1856 Flying Eagle cent, for good luck.
Pattern lovers have a treasure trove of Flying Eagle issues to look for. They come in large and small sizes, with the familiar eagle and one with more angular wings, different metals, and different years.
Today is National Bird Day. Celebrate by considering the Flying Eagle cent.



Level 5

Right up my collecting alley. I consider these one of the top 5 designs.


Level 6

I learned a lot from this blog. Thanks!!


Level 6

You can specialize on any coin that you want too...As long as you like that coin or series. The Flying Eagle is such a great design!


Level 5

A collector can specialize in anything they want. For Flying Eagle Cents, I can think of 4 varieties off the top of my head (1856, 1857, 1858 SL, 1858 LL). However, I am sure there are numerous varieties. You could also get as high a grade possible pieces, or make a PCGS or NGC registry. However, people like Rick Snow collect both Flying Eagle and Indian head cents, which seems more common.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

there is also the 1858/7


Level 7

Thanks for your time excellent blog. There is nothing I could possibly add to it. Thanks a lot. Mike.

The Flying Eagle Cent is a short, but interesting series! I wrote a blog and book review on this site about Flying Eagle Cents this past Fall. Thanks for sharing your insights!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

for a series that only lasted 3 years (including 1856) there are so many varieties of the coin. also in 1858 there was a small number of indian head minted for the year, like the 1956 flying eagle there was a design handed out to a few people and there is still some in existence today but it is rarely publicized or talked about.

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