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06 Feb 2017

Football coins 2.0

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The day after the Super Bowl, I recall the new football coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Struck in .999 silver and .999 gold, the coins are shaped like footballs. The silver has a face value of $25 and the gold, $200. Coins are dated 2017. They are attractive looking and certainly look like prolate spheroids!
Personally, I must keep these coins in mind. They would make wonderful giveaways or prizes for a future booksigning! The hero of my new novel is a quarterback.



Level 5

They look neat, but I do not know - just something about it that say token or medal - not coin.


Level 6

It's crazy...The Mint's don't miss a chance to market another " coin "...


Level 7

I saw last years I hope this year's like you said maby are better. The actual coin they use Is made by the Highland mint. They are great looking but not made of silver. I would like to see the news one you are talking about. The first one didn't sell that well. I really hope this one is better. Thanks for letting us know. Good blog. Mike

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is pretty cool, a foot ball shaped coin


Level 4

Now that sounds like an interesting story line !

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