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04 Aug 2017

Inspired at WFM

World's Fair of Money | CoinLady

If a collector isn't inspired at the World's Fair of Money, where could they be? A few years ago, the WFM featured a display if the first double eagle, the unique 1849. Next to it was the famous 1933. There were the first and last issues of $20 gold.
While discussing these coins with my editor, I had an idea. I planned an article on the later date $20 gold. Mintage figures were usually healthy, but survival rates were low; quite low, in the case of the 1927-D. This would take some questioning, some research and a lot of reading, but I was up to the task.
As it turns out, I had plenty of time to work on this and other articles. I stayed home for three months recovering from an accident, but that's another story.
Looking at beautiful, historical, rare coins could inspire even the most casual collector. Keep looking. Keep enjoying.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

the 1933 the mint had on display was amazing along with some of the other coins the ANA had for show


Level 6

Any large coin convention is a great experience for a collector.


Level 5

The WFM to me is a place for inspiration as you say. But unlike most who attend I don't seem to have time to buy coins on the bourse. I am always too busy with the seminars, exhibits, auctions and group meetings.


Level 7

Thanks alot. That's the only way I can see these great coins though the net. I would love to see them in person. Pictures are ok but nothing like the real thing. Hope you do better. Get well fast take it easy one day at a time. Mike.


Level 6

Thanks. I enjoy using the virtual tour at this web site to view these kind of rarities. Thanks again and hope you had a full recovery!

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