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08 Sep 2017

Love tokens, anyone?

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Love tokens, anyone? Sometimes found in junk boxes or sold as "damaged," tokens engraved with names, scenes, sentiments, can make beautiful and meaningful gifts.
I spotted an engraved $2.50 gold at a WFM some years ago. The obverse was the familiar Liberty head. The reverse was smoothed and engraved "Mother" in a cursive. Mother's birthday was coming up, so I bought it. This piece was in a holder with a loop so it could be worn. Yes, it was worn and prized as a special gift.
While Christmas shopping downtown, I saw a few love tokens in the window of my favorite coin shop. One bore the initials of a friend. I bought it and gave it to him. He was an athlete and kept the coin in his locker for good luck. And the last I heard, he still had it, after all these years!
Another time, I found an engraved dime with my own initials on it. I bought it for a few dollars and had it mounted to wear.
Love tokens are special and make great gifts. Don't overlook them. 



Level 5

I have a couple in my collection. I buy them when I see them offered for the right price.


Level 6

Love Tokens are great! So much history...and so ornate. Sometimes it's hard to read the script.


Level 6

There are so many different kind of tokens. I try to have at least one of the different areas in my collection. One love token.


Level 6

I had a love token from Grandpa's collection. Didn't know what it was so I took it t my coin guy and found out. Been looking for them now. Some are very beautiful. Got hooked on all tokens now, Thanks!


Level 7

I like them! All sorts. They don't have to be civil war or conder tokens but any tokens. I bought a bracelet for my wife's wrist of all the N.Y.C. tokens for the subway! Why it was part of our city's history and we liked them. As you said they could say mom or Mother if I like them I buy t hem

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