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28 Feb 2018

Love your Library

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One of the biggest benefits of ANA membership is access to the Library.
Books can be borrowed and arrive in the mail. I've done this many times. Look and see how many books, catalogs, reference materials are available. You might be surprised. It's not just old Red Books.
What series are you interested in? Large cents, Buffalo nickels, commems? There are books to read and savor. Older reference books often have information that can not be found anywhere else. Crack open a book and find something new, instead of sitting at a computer and clicking and looking at umpteen screens.
Librarians can help with research, finding articles, auction catalogs, old periodicals. The ANA Library was a tremendous help when I wrote my book, US CLAD COINAGE.  They were also quite helpful with other research articles.
Even if you're not a writer/researcher, anyone interested in coins can find so much in the ANA Library.


Michael Marotta

Level 4

I agree 100% that the ANA Library shelves materials that cannot be found online. I could not write about numismatics without the ANA LIbrary to rely on.


Level 4

The ANA Library is a valuable benefit to me. I have utilized this benefit on a few occasions. I look forward to checking out more books in the future.


Level 6

The ANA Library is a wonderful benefit to belonging to the ANA. I have also checked out lots of books. It's a great way to see if you like a book before you buy it.


Level 5

I don't use the library as often as I should but I do appreciate the benefit.


Level 6

It' s a great benefit. I too use them often. I have a book from them right now. Among other reasons to use them, one can check out a book before spending the money to buy it..Thanks!


Level 6

I totally agree. Great way to look at books before purchasing for yourself.


Level 7

Not only that but there is a member who started my wife dropping my coin magazines at the library. Just make sure you take your address of the magazines first or everyone will know were you live! Ask them if they want them most do. Thanks for the blog. Mike.

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