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29 Jul 2017

My personal WFM history

World's Fair of Money | CoinLady

The time is approaching! Another World's Fair of Money opens Tuesday. Wish I could be there, but I've been lucky enough to attend more than a dozen over the years.
My favorite was Denver, 2006. I enjoy Denver, the mountains, the sightseeing, the Mint. And the coin show. As soon as I walked through the door of the convention center, there was a display of ten 1933 double eagles. What a great way to begin!  I remember a trip to Colorado Springs to visit ANA, a tour of the museum. And Denver 2006 is when and where I got the idea for one of my novels, "Wild World."
My least favorite was Rosemont, 2014. Everyone was so worked up over the gold Kennedy half dollar. That took away from the real, numismatic aspect of the convention. I didn't see everyone I wanted to see. I didn't talk to my editor until I was waiting for my ride home.
My first WFM was Baltimore, 1993. So much to see. I was sorry I didn't start traveling to these shows sooner.
Two great shows in a row...Philadelphia 2000 and Atlanta 2001. Philly was fun, so much history. Atlanta, I got to hold an 1804 dollar. There was also a trip to Dahlonega. (I note there are no more day trips and no more friendship luncheons.)
Have fun at WFM. See the exhibits, marvel at the wonderful coins.



Level 5

I been to the WFM four times. My best was Milwaukee 2007. It was my first time and I was well prepared and did everything. Rosemont 2011 was pretty good too. I did an exhibit that year. It was a 3rd place winner. That one is a close second place. To all those that get to go this year in Denver, make this show special for you.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i cant wait for this coming up show


Level 7

I just love reading about everyone's experience. Makes me feel like I was there. That's why it's important to share it with us. Thanks a lot have a blast. Mike.


Level 6

I was at the Anaheim show a year or two ago. I thought it was great. Most people said it was somewhat unattended. That works for me as it's difficult for me to walk. I thought it had plenty of vendors and auctions. Everyone was friendly and willing to share knowledge. I picked up a few good deals also. The best part was it was within my limited driving range. Everybody should attend a large show if possible. You will see coins you will not see elsewhere. Thanks!

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