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10 Feb 2019

Never a complete set

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I've always been a fan of type collecting. Finding one of each basic design type can teach a collector so much coin history, American history, something about mintage, metals and art. There is also the possibility of finding a new collecting interest. When you find a pretty two-cent piece, or another different coin, you may learn more about this series and decide to pursue it.
It's quite difficult, if not impossible, for the average collector to complete a type set. That's if you decide to go deluxe and look for one of each design from 1793 to date. Those small eagle coins are scarce and expensive. But it is fun and interesting to see how far you can go with a type set.
How many times have you seen a deluxe type set offered for sale? I don't mean a 20th century set, in an attractive holder, which is seen fairly often. I mean a type set, complete or almost complete, going back to the early days of the Mint. Type sets are broken up and the good coins are offered separately. But in all my years, I cannot recall a type collection being offered intact.
Because it's such a big set, or too expensive? I'm just wondering...



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This is why I have focused on a set defined by a Dansco album. That way I could finish my 7070 (Dansco stock number) set. With a full type set outside of my means, I have settled for 19th and 20th century types with gold. If a person wanted to get technical about type they would include die varieties as a type. It's all I how you define your set. As for why you don't see it offered as a set could be that you will get more for the set broken up as opposed to a whole. Not many whole sets of anything are offered for sale as a whole.


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I've got mine started. Thanks.


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I hear and read often that a set is worth less than the sum of it's parts. Perhaps many type sets are broken up for sale because of this. I love all types of different sets and can appreciate the effort they take. Seeing a set together, the way the collector made it, is very enjoyable.


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Type sets can be pricey to put together. Good blog!


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Type collecting can be a challenge. The coins do not have to be mint state. Sometimes "good" condition is all what a collector can afford. type collecting can steer you to an interesting series.

I think it is just too expensive, and many people do not need an entire collection to complete their collection, many are just looking for onw or two.

It's Mokie

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The nineteenth century type set I completed in a Whitman Bookshelf album thankfully only required coins from about 1810 and up. I was able to complete the set and the only compromise coin was a holed Seated Dollar (I did not require a Bust or Flowing Hair Dollar in the Whitman album). I sold that set intact to a dealer in California, I am sure he broke it up and sold it as parts as that is probably the more profitable way to go, kind of like selling a junker car for its parts. Anyway, that kind of set would be much more expensive nowadays. I have a lot of nineteenth century type coins but I would not be able to fill that album. Thanks for the blog CoinLady, good food for thought.

Type set collectors are definitely in it for the long haul, and sometimes it helps if you have time and deep pockets. The only Type sets I'm close to completing are the Sacagawea Dollars (which are current and inexpensive) and a Classic Commemorative set in silver. Regarding the commemorative set, I've got about 6 coins to go, but they're the rarest and most expensive (like the Hawaiian, and Lafayette). because of this I don't know when (or if) I'll ever complete it. I remember some collectors buying complete Type Sets back around 1890-1920, but they were the big wealthy collectors like Virgil Brand. The sad truth is a complete type set will most likely be broken up after the owner dies.


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Type set you gave me an idea. Conder tokens have different designers of everything, buildings farm, animaks, schools, on and on. Each designer chose his in a design or was hired to do one. Complete it to many but I could do many thanks Mike.

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