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22 Jul 2017

One that got away

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Opening day of a major convention! The bourse lay before me, and I was ready to look.
The first coin I spotted was a 1892-O Morgan dollar. Mint State, and a beauty. Most 1892-O Morgans I'd seen were not exactly stunning. Luster was dull and strike was not so hot. This coin was exceptional. Luster was bright and the strike was strong. This was one of the best O-Mint Morgan dollars I'd ever seen, in decades of collecting.
I was a serious Morgan fan, and the dealer knew this. He quoted me a good price. It wasn't cheap, but quality never is. And at the end, I passed on the coin. I would bet that the next Morgan collector who saw this coin snapped it up.
Most collectors have a story of the great coin that got away. That Morgan dollar certainly was one.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

yep there is always the one


Level 5

One got away from me in 2008. And I never have seen one like it since then but I am still looking.


Level 6

One can't buy the first nice coin at a show. too often it's gone when one comes back. I've had that happen too many times. I just go for it now. I've looked at coins at my regular dealers store and looked and looked and talked and walked. I think about that coin all the way home. When I can't take it any longer I give him a call to have him set it aside for me. Most often, he already has. I guess he knows me pretty well!


Level 7

I think that happens to all of us. We hesitate because we don't want to buy on impulse and before you know it we have walked away. There will be another don't let it get you down. I hope and know you will find a better one. Maybe that's what told you to pass it up. We don't know why we do it but we do. Mike.

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