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03 May 2017

Rarities I have known, Part 3

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Collectors wishing to see the 1870-S $3 gold must make a special trip. This unique coin is housed at the ANA's Money Museum. It's on display with a wonderful collection of $3 gold pieces, the Bass Collection. The coins are mounted so it's easy to examine each one.
I saw this coin in 2006. Because of its extreme rarity, and possible because it's part of a not-very-popular set, the 1870-S $3 gold does not get the publicity that other rarities may get. This coin was sold in 1982 for over $687,000, as part of the Eliasberg Collection. Wonder what it would sell for now!
Rumor had it that a second specimen was placed in the cornerstone of the San Francisco Mint, but I believe this has been disproven.
Any $3 gold is a scarce coin. Owning even one is an accomplishment. Assembling a set of these coins is truly big-league collecting. There is a complete set on display at the Money Museum, including that unique 1870-S... a  remarkable, beautiful little coin.



Level 5

Small gold coins and high on the rarity scale. I must see.


Level 4

That is so neat! What an interesting piece of history! I think it is highly possible that a coin like that would be in a corner stone. Who knows, it just might be!!!!! I haven't been to the Money Museum yet, but our family plans to go to CO this summer, so maybe I can convince my parents........:)

Great information, something to look for when I visit the Money Museum at the end of July.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is what i want to see a $3 and $4 dollar gold coin


Level 6

I agree with you. The Elisaberg sale catalogs are a nice item to have in one's library.


Level 6

I was able to view that at the Money Museum. Very beautiful series. Thanks for all the new knowledge.


Level 7

That's a very interesting blog. I can imagine a coin like that being put into the corner stone. Wouldn't it be great if they took all these rarities and had them in one place! I learned alot today I never knew about this coin. I love the history you tell behind it. Thanks a lot looking forward to the next one. Mike.

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