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12 Sep 2018

Ship of dreams

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I even dream about coins. Dreamed I had a choice of two beautiful Canada silver dollars. One was a 1949. The Newfoundland commem, with Cabot's ship, the Matthew. Unmistakably mint state. Shimmering mint luster, ship in all detail including the sails. No nicks, no spots. 
And then there was a 1948. Voyageur type, the type minted for years. But this was the rare one. This was the big one for Canadian dollar collectors!  Both were available for the same price, but I could only pick one. I wanted the 1948. My father told me to get the one with the ship. He liked ships. I couldn't explain...the 1948 was a big one...what to do? How to tell him?
I woke up.
You know you're a real collector when you dream about coins.



Level 6

Fun blog. Thanks!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I have never dreamed about a coin.


Level 6

I'm the same as SUN. Can't stop thinking about coins. We must be sick..


Level 6

Sometimes I have a hard time going to sleep, since I thinking about coins.

I dream about coins all the time, sometimes i hate it because eI thought I had a greta deal only to find myself to not even have been there.


Level 7

I dream unfortunately I'm one of the ones that don't remember what I dream about. I remember is have dreamt about just about everything including coins but when I wake up I don't know what coin or car or whatever. Your lucky . Thanks for sharing that maybe someday. Mike.

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