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27 Jan 2017

Silver & Gold

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Last I looked, gold has been down a bit and silver is holding steady. There are many ways to buy gold and silver.
One-ounce and fractional ounce American Eagles have been around for 30 years. They are prettier to look at than gold bars, and easy to store. Gold is gold, regardless of its holder, so why bother getting these pieces graded and slabbed? Sure, it looks good if you have a special proof issue or a MS-70 piece, but if you are concerned about the bullion value only, I wouldn't bother.
At a few major conventions, I saw dealer displays of slightly worn, unslabbed, common date gold coins. These were not bullion pieces, but genuine legal tender coins that acted as money, that got out and circulated. Buying a few of these is a good way to own gold.
As for silver, one-ounce Eagles are also lovely to look at, with the Walking Liberty design, and they are .999 fine silver.
Old fashioned silver coins, while .900 silver, have that precious metal content and are good to own. Buying hoards of so-called "junk silver" can be a great way to own silver. And there's always searching through bank rolls, finding half dollars. Some years ago, I heard a commercial about a good way to buy silver. It obviously referred to obtaining rolls of half dollars from local banks and looking for silver. Odds are you might find a few of the .400 silver halves, minted from 1965-1970. You could find 1964 Kennedy halves. I've heard of entire rolls of 1964 Kennedy halves bought from the bank.
Look through your change, too. I've found silver dimes recently, along with a few War nickels, which are .350 silver. Check the return bin at vending machines. Silver coins are rejected. I've found silver dimes this way. Once in a while, something will turn up.
Gold and silver will always be popular. Keep looking, keep searching, and try different ways of collecting.



Level 5

With many low MS grade classic gold coins running about par with bullion or a little more, I'm not quite sure why anyone would want the bullion. I'm with you silver and gold coin is much better to own than bullion.


Level 6

Interesting blog and thoughts. Thanks for sharing it!


Level 5

Spot prices seem to be all over the place this year. Prices turn on any sort of news, so you have to be careful.


Level 7

Your absolutely right about gold bullion. If your buying junk silver know where your buying it. Some of it is junk. Especially on eBay. There are good dealers who will sell good junk silver. I as changing channels and HSN he this guy on selling one pound of junk silver. You needed a morgage to buy it. T thanks for the blog enjoyed it and the comments. Mike


Level 6

I have to agree with you. One can buy common date St.'s for a couple of hundred dollars over melt now. Seems like a good way to own some gold and still have a numismatic value. I also like "junk silver". It's nice to have the smaller amounts around. I personally feel silver and gold bullion are a form of insurance. Not a way to make quick money. But what do I know?? Thanks for your views in your blog!


Level 4

Agreed Coin Lady, PM's are a haven & protection from economic & currency calamity for the general populace & for us, the potential for collectibles in change roll searches is fun - Though finds are farther & fewer in between now - Nice blog article

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i have gotten silver halves from my local bank before

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