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28 Feb 2018

Love your Library

Library | CoinLady

One of the biggest benefits of ANA membership is access to the Library.

16 Jan 2017

Collector ingredients

Coins | CoinLady

What ingredients make up a numismatist who truly enjoys the hobby?

06 Jan 2017

Buffalo nickel specialists

Coins-United States | CoinLady

A question for all the Buffalo nickel specialists...where can I find info on the life of Two Moons, one of the models? I know he fought at the Battle of Little Big Horn, and wrote his own perspective on the battle. I have found info in coin books here & there, but is there a bio or any other books that would tell more of his life? (Research for possible writing project) Thank you all!

23 Nov 2016

Eyes of a collector

Coins | CoinLady

Some years ago, I suffered a detached retina in my right eye. I lost much of the distancevision in that eye, although my activities of daily livingare fine.. I can read and write and examine coins as well as I ever did.

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