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17 Aug 2017

Whatever you like

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Assembling a type collection is more than just filling holes in an album. There are the basic types to collect, such as Shield nickels, Mercury dimes, and so forth. But what to include in a type set? It would depend on how many years and how much you want to include.
More than any other kind of collecting, collecting by type can be tailored to the individual. Perhaps a 20th Century type set would satisfy you. Maybe after putting that set together, you may want to expand the set, to 19th Century issues. Or you might want to go deluxe and go all the way back to 1793. Your interests and cash outlay can help you decide.
Every single coin doesn't have to be Mint State. Older coins can show wear, excessive wear. Every type collector would be happy with a small eagle half dime or a Flowing Hair dollar. Should you include only the basic types, or include more subtle ones, such as Liberty Seated coins with drapery? Again, it's up to you.
Keep in mind that the set probably will never be complete, if you collect a deluxe set. The small eagle half dollar, and quarter too, are stoppers for almost everyone. The small eagle coins are tough, and so is the Chain cent. Maybe you'll be happy to see how far you can go.
Type collecting is worthwhile, educational, and can keep a collector busy for many years.



Level 6

Type collecting is great. It is nice collection to show off to non-collectors and beginners on what different coins looked like.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i saw a type set at a coin club meeting in which all the coins were uncirculated. type sets can be very impressive


Level 6

Another fantastic blog. You hit the nail right on the head. This is the best description of Type Set collecting I have read. Thanks for the ideas and hints!


Level 7

Very well said. Great suggestions I have coins that some collectors would say why are you collecting that? My answer is because I think it's great. You don't have to fill all the wholes. Fill what you like. Great suggestion great blog as usual. Thanks for your ideas many collectors don't like type sets. Why? I believe there looking at value. And we know there is more than value when it comes to collecting. Mike.

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