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17 Nov 2016

Why write?

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Why do I write?
I want to contribute knowledge, that comes from research and my own experience as a numismatist.
I can get lost in a story and forget the mayhem in the world.
I can create my own characters, plan their lives, fall in love with them, and work out bright futures for them.
I will discover new things and see how this applies to other projects or even my own life.
I can write things in my own way, my own voice, using my own unique perspective.
This is my contribution to the world, small as it is...a little bit of good in a crazy time.



Level 5

You love what you do and you have the desire and skills to write about it to teach and inspire others! Thanks for all of your contributions!!!


Level 5

To write is to tell a story that is uniquely yours. That contribution is priceless. I look forward to any numismatic writings you may share with us, and encourage you to keep writing your other stories as well.


Level 6

Thank you. Just finished a novel, & working on more coin writing.


Level 5

I am good at writing, but I practically don't have an imagination in me, so I never write stories since I can't think of what to write!


Level 6

Keep going. It seems to work for you. Well done!


Level 5

Very good. I write because it helps organize the thoughts in my head. Hopefully it also helps teach others about the stuff I know about.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Write on!!


Level 7

I think that's very noble of you. It's a talent and you seem to have it and the desire to write. If you have anything on coins I would love to read that also. Mike

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