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08 Mar 2017

Wish I was there

National Money Show | CoinLady

Oh, to be in Orlando, for the National Money Show! I traveled to many coin shows and conventions over the years. Every show was good and had lots to offer. A trip around the exhibit area is a great way to start. You could learn something new about a familiar series, be introduced to a new set, or see something in a different way. Exhibits featuring coin albums, the color of early coppers, and other items can show how collecting is not just filling holes in a book. Many collectors are creative.
Booklovers and researchers can find plenty to look at on the bourse floor. Old and new coin reference books, auction catalogs, maybe magazines, can be found. Don't forget to pick up whatever literature you can find at tables. Price lists, brochures, catalogs, can fill a good-sized tote bag.
Yes, you can buy coins! Bring a want list and look. Look at the beautiful coins that are out of reach. Who know if you will ever see  certain coins again? If there are special exhibits, such as those sponsored by the US Mint, be sure to check that out.
Talk to your coin friends, the folks you e-mail or tweet. It's fun to talk in person.
And I haven't mentioned the tourist things you can do in time away from the show.
Attending a major coin show is a wonderful time.



Level 5

Could not make it either. How I only wish I could attend.


Level 6

The Anaheim show was great fun! Everyone who collects really needs to experience a coin show first hand. It's amazing and often overwhelming. I'm heading to a smaller venue in Las Vegas in May. I think there should be around 50 tables or so... went there last year as well, Had a great time...more one on one with the dealers... no not card dealers, coin dealers...haha ; )


Level 4

The big shows could be intimidating, but they can be very exciting too - The smaller shows do offer an opportunity to get to know a dealer over time & they get to know you & what you like & look for in your future collection - That is a good one when they think of you when they are buying


Level 6

I made the Anaheim show. I guess that was last year. Had a lot of fun but I have a lot of fun at smaller shows as well. Vegas show in May is in my schedule..


Level 4

Addendum to my previous comment: I also don't want to be OVERWHELMED my first time. Would a 20-30 table range be a good place to start for a newbie? I mean, obviously since I'm a world-only collector, a show with 5 tables of world coins is going to be more satisfying to me than one with 25 tables of just U.S. So I guess it's all subjective, I just . . . I want to feel like the travel and hotel expenses were "worth it", you know?


Level 4

I've never been to a coin show before, but now that I'm "in the game", I'd absolutely love to! Today I browsed Google for spring/summer coin shows in the South, and while there aren't going to be any within about a 4-hour drive of me, at least there are several *right outside* that radius! Question, though -- what counts as a "major" show? Like, how many tables? I'd rather not have to drive to another state and spend the night at a hotel ($$$) just to wind up being disappointed by a lack of exhibits or variety. :^/


Level 6

Hopefully all collectors can at least once attend a major coin show.


Level 5

I thought about going. I have family that lives an hour from Orlando so I would have had someplace to stay. I love coin shows, there is so much so soak in.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

wish i was there too. in fact i am going to a very large coin show at the end of the month, the baltimore whitman expo and it will be a blast


Level 7

Don't feel left out. I also won't be there. It is on my bucket list. If it's anything like the spots shows I had to go to I know what I am missing. So I'm missing a lot. Making friends looking for certain coins sometimes I can feel like I'm there. Someday, someday. Thanks.

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