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28 Oct 2017

Work from home

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A few years ago at this time, I was at home recovering from an accident. When I was a bit more active, I got some writing done. I wrote a good number of articles for coin publications. When I look back, I realize that these were some of my favorite articles.
I had outlined an article on a part of topical collecting, maps on coins. There have been a few, most recently the Euro coins, featuring a map of Europe. I needed a guidebook, not necessarily one with up-to-date prices, but a book with photos of coins. While searching on Amazon, I found the trusty Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins. The new year edition was out, but all I needed for my article was in the older edition, so I ordered that one.
When the book arrived, I spent an evening studying it, the many photos. I spruced up my outline and went to work. The story was finished the next day, and e-mailed to the editor.
I spent some months at home, but got some work done too. All for the love of coins. And writing.


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

tragic events could result in the best accomplishments that we produce.


Level 5

It is nice that you were able to be so productive during that time. You made the best of a bad situation.

coin collector

Level 4

Looks like you did good


Level 4

Many years ago I dove into some research projects that covered old insurance maps and town histories in Montana and the Great Northern Railway. What great fun it was finding out about the past and seeing what it is like in those areas today.


Level 6

May I ask where these articles were published.? I'd like to read them. Thanks!


Level 6

Like you, I wrote a couple of articles after recovering from surgery. I am now re-reading a small book from the mid 70's. When I finish it, I plan on writing a blog about it.


Level 5

It's always good to keep busy, even when your mobility is limited. I know that even when I am not feeling well I still work on coin projects.


Level 6

I know what it must have felt like to have so much time. I've been laid up for years.. Can't go too long but I get it done. Glad you feel better. Nice that you shared your routine for writing. Thanks!


Level 6

Sounds like you got some positive work done in spite of being laid up after your accident.


Level 7

I can actually say I know exactly what you mean. After my accident I had nothing until my neurosurgeons recommend coin collecting. One of them was a collector. Best thing I ever done and not only collected but did research while I could. I had to stop for a while but it was very rewarding the work that I completed then. Thanks for those great memories Mike.

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