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01 Aug 2018

Worth the trip

World's Fair of Money | CoinLady

The ANA World's Fair of Money will begin in less than two weeks. The setting is Philadelphia, a city filled with history. I recall a trip there years ago. Besides the coin show, there was the Mint, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and of course, many good meals.
A trip to a major show is well worth it in terms of experience, meeting coin friends in person, and touring the city. The trip is well worth it for a dedicated numismatist who wants to see prime rarities that cannot be seen any other way.
This show will feature a Brasher Doubloon, one of the rarest and most popular coins in American history. Early Federal coinage, Nova Constellatio pieces, 1792 issues. How often are any of those coins seen? And this does not include the treasures that can be found browsing the convention floor, whether it be that Chain cent you wish you could afford, or that CC Morgan dollar that completes your set.
Don't forget the many exhibits that will be shown. An entire afternoon can be spent at the exhibit section.
If you are attending the WFM this year, I envy you. 



Level 2

I can' t go cause I live on the other side of the country .


Level 4

ANA will be on the east coast in Pittsburgh for the National Money Show in 2019 and World's Fair of Money in 2020.


Level 4

I wish I could go! Philly cheesesteaks are THE BEST! I always go to FUN though so that will be enough for me ;) ~Matt


Level 4

I wish I could go! Philly cheesesteaks are THE BEST!! I always go to FUN though so that is good enough for me ;)


Level 6

It is a great experience to attend a large coin convention.


Level 6

Sounds like we all wish we could go.


Level 7

I'm in the same group as the others can't go. I only pray one day.


Level 6

I wish I could go too. I've been to one at is indeed an experience..

I wish I could go, maybe in 2020 when it is in Pittsburg, that is six hours closer.


Level 5

I am going to miss this year's show. It's a shame since it is close to where I call home.

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