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24 Jun 2015

An Opportunity I Couldn't Pass Up

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I wasn't looking to buy this 1835 Half-Cent piece, but I came across it searching e-bay listings and couldn't pass it up. Fortunately, the coin it replaces in my collection was targeted for an eventual upgrade. In the new piece I get exceptional color and a very strong strike. In other words this coin has exceptional eye appeal. It also fits my plans to add the best looking coins for the price I can afford into my 7070 Type set.




Level 6

Wow! That's really beautiful!


Level 5

Great find! Over my 55 years of collection coins the 7070 album is myall-time favorite because of the challenge and the fun.


Level 5

Wow - indeed. Nice find!



Level 5


Ian Fenn

Level 5

Well done: How doe the song go> Never let a chance go by!!!

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