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27 Aug 2018

Garys Coins From The Vault, vol 1

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I have been asked to post various coins from my collection. Thus, I will periodically post coins from my 7070 type set vault. This first post features my Indian Head Cents; an AU-58 1859 laurel wreath variety, an MS-63 1863 copper-nickel oak wreath with shield variety, and an MS-65 1903 bronze red/brown variety.

The Indian Head Cent enjoyed a popular run of 50 years from 1859 to 1909. According to legend, designer James B. Longacre used his daughter Sarah as the model for his design on the obverse of the Indian Head Cent that features a bust of "Lady Liberty" with an Indian headdress. The reverse of the Indian Head Cent in 1859 featured a laurel wreath around the words "One Cent". Then in 1860, just before the civil war, this was changed to an oak leaf wreath with a union shield at the opening of the wreath. Tied by a ribbon on the bottom of the wreath are three arrows representing our three branches of government and an olive branch. The oak leaf wreath signifies strength, sturdiness, and durability while the olive branch and arrows symbolize peace and governmental power to wage war. The small union shield at the opening of the wreath has 13 vertical bars underneath one wider horizontal bar. The 13 vertical bars signify the 13 original states and the wide horizontal bar supported by the 13 vertical bars represent the Union or the United States. As such, in the face of the greatest threat to unity in our nation's history, the reverse of the Indian Head Cent symbolized the strength of the Union. Soon afterwards, on April 12, 1861, our nation found itself in the midst of a bloody civil war; nevertheless, the Union persevered. There are few coins more beautiful to me than a red or red/brown "mint-state" Indian Head Cent.


Jonas's Coins

Level 5

You have a nice Indian Head. All the ones in my collect are BN but I do have a couple that grade as high as VF and I also have some semi keys.


Level 6

Nice blog and photos. I'm not a label hog but I do admit to be willing to pay more for an EPN label. Especial if it also has "Ex Col. Green". Thanks Gary. Great type coin. One of my favorites as well.


Level 5

Beautiful coins. I really like the ex Newman piece.


Level 6

Those are beautiful! Nice blog and photos! Indian cents are a favorite of mine.


Level 6

Lovely coin. Indian cents make a nice set.


Level 6

Nice looking coin and great photos.

Yeah, those are some beautiful coins. The color is lovely.


Level 7

You can't beat this set or coins. Oh to have them today. I search but the good ones are all on auction. I just wished I stuck with it but the key dates are still available. Thanks for the information and the great pictures. He used his daughter and made her an Indian. Therefore the name Indian Head instead of liberty cent. Never understand this hobby. Thanks for the work. Mike

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