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16 Apr 2019

I Am Honored

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Sorry folks no image this time! It just doesn't seem quite appropriate for this post. You see, today I have accidently discovered that one of my writings was linked on the website of a national humanitarian organization!

I still have to pinch myself to see if this is really happening! This all started with my coin club asking for club members to give a presentation at some of our upcoming meetings. I thought it would be nice for me to do a presentation based on my Laura Gardin Fraser coin and medal collection and I went right to work on my power point presentation to be given at the next club meeting on May 8. I really enjoy my club and the opportunity I had to offer other members free imaging of their coins at a recent buy-sell-trade event. This upcoming presentation will give me the opportunity to share other aspects of my numismatic interests in research, writing, and collecting. If that goes well, I plan to apply for a "Money Talks" presentation of the same material at the Chicago "Worlds Fair of Money" later this summer.

One of the medals in my presentation is the "National Institute of Social Sciences medal". The mission of the National Institute of Social Sciences is to "promote the study of the social sciences, to support social science research and discussion, and to honor individuals who have rendered distinguished service to humanity." The bronze medal in my collection was presented to Clara D Noyes to honor her for distinguished service to humanity. Though the bronze medal is no longer awarded, the gold medal is still awarded on an annual basis since 1913. Because the medal design has not changed and it appears prominently on the upper left hand corner of every page on the institute's website I thought to comment on the artistic numismatic legacy left to them by Laura Gardin Fraser. This led me to a page that described the medal. As I went down the page I noticed a few additional reading links, One of which curiously seemed familiar to me entitled, "A Beautiful Medal for a Worthy Recipient." I thought, no it can't be? Yes it can! The link directs you to an article I posted at NGC's collector's society on 4/14/17! How awesome is that!

In fact, I've been a collector for a very long time and no other set that I have ever put together has brought me more accolades than "The Coins and Medals of Laura Gardin Fraser." My contact network of medal collectors is phenomenal, especially considering that I am not a medal collector and that my network has sent me referrals, watched e-bay listings on my behalf, and gladly have shared information without which my LGF set would not have been possible. I've had three LGF articles published in the PAN publication, "The Clarion." In fact the post from the link that I am referring is in the October, 2017 issue of the Clarion! I've had cold contacts from authors wanting to publish my images, other people wanting to sell me their medals, and the family of Clara D Noyes that wants to buy my social sciences medal back! Incidentally, I have every intention of selling it back when I find another example for my collection. In return the family representative has sent me a signed copy of a biography he wrote about Clara! All these things do me great honor along with all of you who follow my blog posts. This has all been a surreal ride for me that brings new and amazing things my way. As I always say, "Who would have thunk it?" It has just been a wonderful ride that I would have never in a thousand years anticipated. I am indeed blessed!

Here are two links to the National Institute of Social Sciences website. The first will take you to the main page and the second to the page with mu link.





What an honor. Your love of numismatics brought you to this point, and you definitely desrved this. Great work!

Awesome! congratulations!


Level 4

Congratulations! I remember seeing your LGF collection for the first time and being awed by your writing and presentation.


Level 6

That is a great and well deserved honor. You have put together a fantastic network for your collecting and writing. I have long admired your Registry sets on NGC. Good work. Thanks for letting us know.


Level 4

What a great honor. Congratulations!!!!!!!!


Level 7

Well you know how I feel Gary. Your work with coins has influenced allot of people. If anyone deserved an honor it's you. I think that story was ment to be It was no coincidence. It turned out the way it was suppose to. Well deserved. I always have an eye open for L.G.F. Her work was beyond that of hundreds of engravers or designers. Thanks for the wonderful story. Pat.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Honestly, I think your Laura Gardin Fraser collection and set is the most impressive thing I have ever seen in numismatics. It's not just the medals themselves, it's the way you so respectfully present each medal and the obvious effort (hours and dollars) you have put into the collection. It is museum quality and it is deserving of every accolade. Congrats Gary, You and LGF, ROCK!!!!!


Level 6

That is a nice honor. I have always enjoyed your blogs on Laura Gardin Fraser.

Congrats, I will check out the link.


Level 4

What an honor, and a great surprise for you. Great article. I will check out the links this coming Monday (my day off. This week is Holy Week. 4 worship services this week, 4 different sermons. Blessings. Pastor Greg

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