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27 May 2019

My Take on the Upcoming ANA Elections

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I just finished electronically submitting my ballot for the upcoming ANA elections. Nothing could have been simpler for me to do. In fact if you are accustomed to surfing this site you will have no problem electronically submitting a ballot. With that I heartily encourage you to submit your ballots for the candidates of your choice. Simply read the biographies and/or view the video of each candidate and submit your ballot.

After reading the biographies I must say that I have never seen as diverse a set of candidates than this. They represent a diversity of experiences, skills, and numismatic interests from ancients to tokens to world coins and all points in-between. They have experience as diverse as fund raising and education. Additionally, there is a diversity of up-and-coming youth bringing fresh ideas balanced by the maturity of older more experienced candidates. All this portends well for the future of the ANA regardless of who wins.

Finally I want to wish all the candidates the best of luck. It is sad that with this set of candidates there has to be someone who will not be elected to office. It's nothing like going through a list of candidates to pick the best of the worst. With this set of candidates we are picking the best of the best. Regardless of who wins, the ANA wins. One thing that can be said about such a diverse field of candidates is that they all have one thing in common and it's their passion for the ANA and the collecting community. Please vote and lets make the voter participation rate the highest ever and by so doing demonstrate our like passion with the candidates. Gary.



Level 4

Thank you and I will be voting.


Level 6

Thanks for your input. I am looking forward in casting my ballot.

It is important for everyone who can to vote; for the people who are elected represent the direction the ANA will head. Definitely great candidates, though personally I had my preferences. I've already voted, as I opted to do so electronically, which I found to be an easy process, as the instructions were clear, and the tech-ability required was minumal


Level 5

I agree, I also was surprised at the diversity of the candidates. There isn't a bad choice among them, in my opinion.


Level 4

thank you so much for this blog. Blessings!


Level 6

Nice reminder Gary. We should all research our future officers. I must have missed the electronic voting choice. That is how I voted in the past. I think I'll be giving the ANA a call Tuesday. Thanks again.


Level 7

The same here Gary I am knew to this. I also will have to pray my candidates win. I received an envelope with no return . We're on The site would you vote.?


Level 5

Pat, I elected to not have a paper ballot sent to me about a year ago. By making this election I was e-mailed the instructions and a link to follow. If you who have NOT made this election, you will be sent a paper ballot to fill out. My wife who is an associate member and had not chosen to vote electronically was mailed a paper ballot that she received on Friday. If you wish there are instructions and a unique eligibility number on the paper ballot to vote electronically. If you have not received the paper ballot, look for it in the mail soon. Otherwise there is nothing from stopping anyone who is an ANA member from calling customer service. We have until July 1st to do this.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Well said Gary, if we are at all interested in the future of this great hobby, then it is imperative that we vote and ensure our ANA is in good hands. Unfortunately, I am too new to vote myself, I will silently hope my favorite contenders win.

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