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09 Oct 2017

Guess what...

| Daniel M.

so guess what at RCB bank a few weeks ago I got LOTS of world coins for FREE one guy at the bank gave me a lot of coins and I did not even ask! I got Mostly Pesos and euros. but also a Canada dollar, a British 1 Pound coin, and a 1962 New Zealend Penny



Level 6

Lucky day! You were given the coins. Enjoy them!

Wow, congratulations! Why do you think he gave them to you? I wonder if they will do that for other people at different locations. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

That was a great thing the banker did. Enjoy the coins


Level 6

It sure is nice when the bankers recognize you and save coins you want. Well done! thanks.


Level 6

That is too cool! The price was right that's for sure! Congrats! : )


Level 7

That's great. You can't beat a banker like that. Enjoy it Mike.

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