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19 Oct 2017

Silver Dollars Graded! 2

| Daniel M.

The image has come
Bottom: 1886-(P) Morgan $           About Uncirculated-55
Middle: 1924-(P) Peace $                 AU Details
top: 1922-S Peace $                          Very Fine-35
Under Coins: Counterfit Confederate $100 bill



Level 6

Thanks for a great blog and photo!

coin collector

Level 4

nice photo


Level 5

Thanks for sharing the photo.

Where did you get the Counterfit Confederate $100 bill? Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Good job.I like your photo backdrop! Thanks


Level 5

I do believe your Virginia Treasury Note is fake, based on the overall look of the paper. A genuine specimen would not be so stiff and would be limp. Compare it to the list provided via this link, and check your serial number against the few known fakes of these notes (cut and paste the link into your browser) http://www.crutchwilliams.com/BogusCSA_RoTx.html The silver dollars although common dates, appear to be genuine. ---Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 7

Nice picture. I would get the note checked. Coins always look good thanks for the picture well done. Mike.


Level 6

Quite a backdrop for 3 coins. The coins look nice from here.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

is the note a counterfeit or a replica because those are 2 very different things . nice coins , thanks for showing

Daniel M.

Level 3

more of a counterfit because it is serial # 119 and the net says it is


Level 6

Interesting photo.

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