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14 Jun 2021


Coins-World | David Gerlak

I happened to pick up this Canadian 5 Dollar Silver piece in a shop the other day, noticing the outstanding artwork and quality I think I may collect all 4 of these.



Level 7

That is a beautiful coin. They are known for there quality. The different series they have. I hope you get all four xoins. Makes a nice set. Good luck. Welcome to the ANA.


Level 3

looks like an awesome coin

I also have one of these and have always been impressed with the artistry. The bird appears to move when you shift the coin.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am a big proponent of the RCM. Even though the put out too many things, the quality level is outstanding. I just finished the three coin Canadian Coasts series from 2018, they are absolutely beautiful designs. Please keep us posted as you build your collection.

Long Beard

Level 5

Canada produces some stunning coin coin designs. Since the owl is my favorite bird, perhaps I'll add them as well.


Level 5

I agree with everyone. That's a really nice looking coin. I don't collect them, but I have a few Canadian coins. Thanks for sharing!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I like the Canadian predator series, very well executed coins


Level 6

Canada has some nice looking coins


Level 6

So beautiful! Canada really has some great coin series! I collected the silver 1 oz. "Nocturnal By Nature" series. The designs are a cougar, bat, wolf and owl. Really cool! You should collect all of the "Birds of Prey" series ; ) Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

That's a beuty. Nice pick up. I also am a big Canadian fan. They do great artwork on their coins. Thanks.


Level 5

That is a beautiful coin!


Level 5

Always like Canadian coins. Have a few Canadian coins myself. Beautiful coin and very collectible.

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