10 Sep 2014

US Coins



Level 5

That Capped Bust half is really nice!


Level 5

nice collection!


Level 5

Nice collection!


Level 4

Great Buffalo collection :)

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Thanks for posting your collection


Level 4

Great coins and I love the designs!


Level 5

Amazing coins!!! I plan on making a type set this year, but they won't be nearly as good as these!!! Amazing collection!!!


Level 6

Your collection is wonderful! I really the Buffalo's!

The Lafayette Dollar is my new coin for this week. The toning on it, is better than picture. I seen it last month at coin club. It drove me crazy for a whole month. I wanted it.


Level 4

That Capped Bust Half is AMAZING!!!


Level 4

Awesome collection!!! Come look at my collections!

I went to your collection and seen your post about 1913 V Nickel. So I added a new collection today, Bluegrass Coin Club collection you many want to look at the pictures 1913 V Nickel

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