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06 Jan 2017

Crown Princess Victoria Kaiulani

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The exquisite design of Crown Princess Victoria Kaiulani of the Kingdom of Hawaii on the Reginald Huth pattern medal was replicated by the Royal Hawaiian Mint starting in 1991 on several of its coin issues. It has been one of their most popular coin design.

Currently, the only reference source that catalogs a few of these coins is Krause Publication, Unusual World Coins: Companion Volume to the Standard Catalog of World of World Coins.

There is a need for a catalog of the Princess Kaiulani. I've started to catalog these issues in a draft book. I've been receiving interest in my draft book. I've basically cataloged each of the known Royal Hawaiian Mint issues and is currently looking for  images of specific specimens (not held in my wife's collection). I'm also searching for issues that I have not cataloged. (The Royal Hawaiian Mint had an online catalog (MS Excel spreadsheet of all their issues at one time. This database is known as "Waifs in Gold Boots".)

As of today, I checked when was last time I opened this draft book (word file) and it was in July 2016. I placed a sample page of the book in this blog.

There is a video that was made of the Princess Kaiulani gold crowns.    Video Link -->> Princess Kaiulani Gold Crowns



Level 5

Cool article. Nice photos. Thanks for taking the time to share the info.


Level 6

Wow! Really beautiful! Thank you for a great blog and photos!


Level 6

Great photos. Enjoy your research


Level 6

These coins are just beautiful. I can't think of anything else to say. They overwhelm me. Thanks for this!!

Beautiful coins! Were these minted primarily as bullion? Thanks for sharing!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is one of the most beautiful coins i have ever seen


Level 7

That's the benefit of belonging to the ANA we get to see coins like this. A real beauty and thanks for the information.


Level 6

That is one beautiful coin. Didn't Bowers & Merena offer one for sale years ago? I like the reverse with the map of Hawaii.

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