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26 Oct 2014

Hawaii School Tokens Fetch High Prices

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At a unnamed online auction website, the bidding was intense for three Hawaii School tokens. Cataloged in Hawaii Money Standard Catalog 2nd Edition, 1991, by Medcalf & Russell, as 2TL-21, 2TL-22, and 2TL-23.

These tokens were used at the Haiku School on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Final hammer prices exceeded each of their 1991 catalog value of $300 each.



Level 7

Very interesting! I have seen many coins from there as a matter of fact the Hawaii mint Marie a commen on the Arizona. It's beautiful. Thanks for that information it was also enjoyable.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing!!! I was not previously familiar with these items.


Level 5

Wow! I didn't think any tokens had so much value!


Level 5

The tokens even look worn!


Level 5

Final hammer prices are in the record books. I reviewed the bidding as a curiosity. 2TL-21: 11 active bidders, took 3 days to progress up from $300 to final bid. 2TL-23: 7 active bidders, took 5 days to progress up from $300 to final bid. 2TL-22: 9 active bidders, took 5 days to progress up from $300 to final bid. Eyes with desires were progressive bidding it up. There is an inflow of collectors in Hawaiiana numismatics. However, the feedback ratings of the winners indicate these are seasoned purchasers/sellers (over 1300) and possibly with deep pockets. It would be interesting if additional specimens appear for auction since these prices have now set the precedent for these tokens.


Level 2

Thru friends bidding on my behalf, as the underbidder on all three of the Haiku tokens, everyone needs to be aware that I purposely forced the last two buyers to overpay. Recognizing I was bidding against snipe programming, I bid considerably more, just to punish those who program excessive minimums to thwart other buyers who bid realistically. Fortunately, I didn't win; so no buyer's remorse needed here. Those tokens were not worth what was paid for them, period! If I hadn't been involved, each Haiku token would have sold for hundreds of dollars less. Don Nigro


Level 4

I was watching these on the bay and holy cow I couldn't believe the hammers. Hawaii tokens are always in demand but these totally exceeded expectations. These prices could bring others out of the woodwork so keep your eyes open!


Level 5

Wow, price of lunch has sure gone up.

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