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13 Jan 2017

I Found Gold in the Total Eclipse of the Sun !

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This is an interesting error discovery I made in which I documented roughly 3 years ago.

The medal was struck by the Honolulu Mint for the Bishop Museum and sold as a commemorative event medal that celebrates the total eclipse of the sun in Hawaii on July 11, 1991.

The error is in the stated metal fineness. On the silver medal is the text ".999 GOLD". The initials "SL" stands for Steven Lee (the designer)

From my research, I surmise that a GOLD die was switched in for use and the mistake was caught. However, few GOLD errors slipped through. I also did not find any documented evidence that a large (39.2m) 'eclipse' gold medals struck by the Honolulu Mint for the Bishop Museum nor any being sold by the Bishop Museum.

I really did find gold (error text) in the Total Eclipse of the Sun (silver medal) !


Nice wrong word error.


Level 5

Love those error coins and medals.

That's interesting. Maybe you should ask the mint to replace yours with a gold one as it says on the coin!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice error and good eye


Level 6

Nice story


Level 7

Beautiful coin . Glad you found the error. That's what research does for you.

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