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09 Jun 2017

Nice to See the Smithsonian Institution Numismatic Gallery

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It has been some time for me in visiting the Smithsonian Institution  American History Museum. I still remember the old display area they had. However, the their Numismatic Gallery is really nice. The pull-out  drawers is interesting. I was surprised to pull out their 1804 silver dollar collection.

I also found a few gold coins in other display areas. One of my previous numismatic interest were gold slugs of which I had 2 in my collection.



Level 5

You do get around. Thanks for sharing.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very neat hopefully i will make my way down there some day


Level 6

Sounds great...I'd love to go there. The idea of pull out drawers is really cool!


Level 6

That was a nice experience. Interesting about pulling the draws.

Thanks for sharing about your visit to the Smithsonian!


Level 7

Great place to go. Thanks for the photos. You need a couple of days though. Again I enjoyed that. Mike


Level 6

Very nice. Last time I visited the Smithsonian, I saw no coins at all. No displays, nothing.

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