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07 Sep 2017

Provenance: Three Degrees of Separation from President Kennedy

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Most collectors believe collecting U.S. Mint medals is dull and rather boring . . .

What if . . .

. . . a U.S. Mint medal was struck specifically for use by the President of the United States.

. . . the original U.S. Mint medal mintage was a mere 300 specimens. 

. . . the design on the U.S. Mint medal  identifies the President of the United States as the owner and awarder of the medal.

. . . you locate such a medal.

. . . the medal you located and purchased  establishes  you with three degrees of separation from the President of the United States.

. . . the President of the United States is John F. Kennedy.

I made this purchased a few months ago and I made sure that the granddaughter provided me with the proper documentation that established an unbroken chain of legal ownership. See the image.

This is one of many reasons why I research and collect POTUS sGm . . .

Provenance starts with the U.S. Mint, then the President, then the original recipient, then a heir of the original recipient, then the persistent collector (me). As the third legal owner of this medal, the medal itself is three degrees separated from President Kennedy.

Those not familiar with the term "six degrees of separation" ... google it and look for the Wikipedia definition.



Level 5

Thanks for the article. You know how to do your homework.


Level 4

Looks like I keep following everyone around


Level 5

Provenance or pedigree for items in our collections is a real plus. Wish you would have include an image of the medal. Thanks.


Level 6

I just started to collect Medals also, They are so beautiful and offer alot of history. Great blog! Thanks!


Level 6

We just started collecting and researching medals. Your blog is amazing!! Thanks!


Level 7

I like medals. There are medals that are associated with the presidents. I'm glad you picked that up. However there production of medals has picked up the last few years. I went on there site and there were pages of them done very well honoring alot of different groups. Thanks and great pick up. I would of liked to see it. Mike


Level 6

That is something to think abt. Great blog.


Level 6

I like medal collecting. Can be so much more interesting than a coin.

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