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30 Sep 2017

Revisited: Frank Gasparro's Dual Torch Design

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In one of my previous blog entries I shared a composite image of a numismatic research  find from my original research on the POTUS sGm series.

The attached image could be the first photo  to actually have the three dual torch design of Frank Gasparro side-by-side with actual specimens .  The Kennedy and MacArthur  issues are the full size "list medals" and not the smaller re-issued medals. All struck by the U.S. Mint.

From Left to right:
1960 President Dwight D. Eisenhower appreciation medal
1961 President John F. Kennedy inauguration medal
1962 General Douglas MacArthur congressional gold medal (struck in bronze)

Mr. Gasparro used his dual torch design in three consecutive years on three different medal types (appreciation, inauguration , and congressional).



Level 5

Very nice subject. Thanks for the story.


Level 4

Good designs have a habit of reappearing


Level 6

Very nice and informative. A quick glance at them and they would appear identical. Not the case. Thanks for sharing your research!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

great pieces. i really like how a lot of medals have very high relief


Level 5

Those are nice pieces. I would love to have any of those. Historical medals are a growing interest of mine.


Level 6

Great blog with beautiful photo's! Thanks !


Level 6

It amazing how many times a design is re-used in numismatics.


Level 7

Just incredible information and great pictures. A blog without these pictures would only lead us to think what they were like. Thank you for your research and sharing it with us ..Mike.

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