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19 Oct 2015

Repatriated Presidential Medal of Appreciation ™ Class 1 Award

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I recently purchased this presentation set from an individual in France.

This medal acquisition has an accompanying presidential envelope and thick award card (w/ gold edging) with the signature of President Eisenhower. This is a presentation medal with documentation. The first I've encountered.

An "original Ike" handed out by Ike himself !

This is a President Dwight D. Eisenhower (D.D.E.) appreciation medal, now officially known as a Presidential Medal of Appreciation Class 1 Award (DDE-C1-02). It has the same diameter as a U.S. half dollar, a bit thicker at 2.6875 mm, smooth edge, and struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Original mintage is 500. Only 436 (or less) specimens are available to collectors.

Designed by Gilroy Roberts, the ninth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint, for use by President Eisenhower.

This set also provides additional evidence to support my findings in my book ISBN1511786744



Level 6

Very nice, details, mintage figure too. Thanks for this.


Level 7

Great find. This is one I missed. Thanks Mike.


Level 5

Only 50 medal-card-envelope grouping are extant. National Archives Records Administration (NARA) indicates it is a special presidential award presented to individuals at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) as part of President Eisenhower's September 9, 1959 visit. More research finding to come...


Level 5

Cool!!! How much did it cost??? And it came with an ike dollar too?


Level 6

Great find! Very cool!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

NIce find. Note to self: I must keep an eye out for those


Level 5

What a find! Congratulations!!! It is in good hands now!

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