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05 Nov 2017

The Kennedy Five ... Not a rock group nor half-dollars !

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I recently completed a transaction to acquire my 5th Kennedy POTUS special Government medal. Only 295 left to go...(just kidding).  The  White House Office procured these medals from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia for President Kennedy's use.

Several have provenance (documented and completed chain of ownership) from President Kennedy to my collection. I believed I discussed the subject of provenance vs. pedigree in my previous blogs....



Level 6

Remember Pres Art Medals? They did a beautiful JFK Memorial medal. Don't hear much abt this firm anymore but they struck nice medals.

Love this kind of stuff. There's so much under the surface of what appears to be ho-hum U.S. mint medals. You have quite a collection.


Level 6

That is quite the collection. I know you wrote about these before. I am amazed not hearing about through the years. As usually, medals don't get much attention.


Level 6

Wow! That's impressive! Nice collection. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Great collection! Any Kennedy fan would appreciate this.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

those are some nice medals and it would be something if you did have all 300!!!!!!


Level 6

That is amazing!! Thanks


Level 7

Great collection. Do you know who made them? I think there great thanks for sharing them .Mike.


Level 5

Struck by the U.S. Mint in 1962.

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