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18 Mar 2015

New to coin collecting

| Evan


My name is Evan Franklin. I'm 34 and live in North Pole, AK. I am new to coin collecting, beyond the jars of spare change in my office that is. I remember buying some French Francs when I was 10 for a class project about France. I still have that assortment today. In 1998, I received a US Mint proof set in 1998 plus a Silver dollar for a graduation gift. I also have a few fancier Canadian coins.

I'm not quite where to start, but I joined ANA, bought Coin Collecting for Dummies, and ordered the "kids" kit from the US Mint. I'll also check out our one coin shop, next time I'm in Fairbanks. There appears to be a wealth of information on this website too, so I'll start looking through that, and re-read the "10 Rules."




Level 5



Level 4

Welcome to the most exciting hobby !!! It seems that you are taking the right steps. Yf you ever need any assistance with world coins, feel free to contact me directly.


Level 5



Level 5

No matter how remote the area you live in and no matter how far you are away from the ANA Money Museum: Welcome to ANA!!!!


Level 4

Welcome aboard to this place. If you would like some information on coins in my blogs I have tons of information and facts of certain coins.



Level 6

Hi Evan! Welcome to the ANA, coins and cool stuff! You are now a " Numi "! Have fun and enjoy yourself! : )


Level 4

Welcome to ANA Clubs. Members be free to ask questions.


Level 5

Welcome, Evan, to the community! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and don't worry, we don't bite... usually.

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