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09 Jun 2019

Real or Fake Challenge #1: Silver Japanese 1 Yen - Answers

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If you have not already seen the original post,click here to view itathttps://www.money.org/collector/eikyu-tsuho/blog/real-of-fake-challenge-silver-japanese-1-yenbefore looking at these answers.

List of coins in the pictures and whether they are real or fake and why (refer the previous post or atwww.eikyutsuho.tk/blog/real-or-fake-1)

A: Fake; the rim has a varying width on the side with the dragon, the gin countermark is lacking detail (since the stamp was applied after the coins were made, the stamps tend to remain sharp and clear, whereas the fakes are cast from a real coin with a stamp, so the stamps lack detail), and the surface is rough (Zeno.ru)

B: Fake; I think this is fake because of the rough field and lack of detail in the dragon's spines as well as overall "mushiness" in the characters and details (Zeno.ru,https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=446)

C: Fake; the characters are "mushy" overall; specifically, note how thick the numbers are (416 and 900) on the side with the dragon and also how some of the characters and details "fall" into the field (Zeno.ru,https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=61446)

D: Real; this coin has been tooled but is not fake! (Stacks Bowers)

E: Fake; notice how the denticles "fall" into the surface at 1 o'clock on the side with the dragon (eBay, currently for sale at $4.99)

F: Real; note the rim nicks, the weight and diameter are correct, the toning is also normal (from my collection)

G: Real;the weight and diameter are correct and style is fine(from my collection)


yeah, I didn't do so well.... lol


Level 6

Interesting. Thanks.


Level 7

I wish you could post that site in this one. Is there a reason why you cant. Allot of us would like to see if sounds interesting. But many won't leave the site. I'm sorry again but there is no way I will leave this site. Thanks anway. Pat

Eikyu Tsuho

Level 3

I have added the pictures to this page now. The links to Zeno and my website provide more information.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A fun exercise, maybe do a determine the grade exercise also.

Eikyu Tsuho

Level 3

That sounds like a great idea! I will try it in a few weeks.

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