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26 Feb 2021

I just finished the dollar project!

| Eriknation

I just got notified that I was gonna get the Canadian dollar but for the other coins do I mail it to the headquarters?



Level 5

That Canadian Dollar is sweet, Congratulations!


Level 6

Well done.


Level 6

Looks like your question was already answered. Congratulations on completing the project! ; )


Level 4

So they will send the other coins to me?


Level 5

Congrats on completing the project! Just follow the given instructions, and they will send you your reward. And yes, it says to mail the details about the activities you completed to the ANA HQ

It's Mokie

Level 6

You should check here. https://www.money.org/young-numismatists


Level 5

Should be a few YN on here soon to explain what they do. Congratulations on your Canadian dollar and other coins.

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