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26 Jun 2022

Quarters of the Modern World

| Eriknation

Hi, Its Eric and today I have another blog for you guys. Today I will be talking about more modern coin designs. I will be talking about modern quarters 1999-date.

From 1999-date there were multiple designs. During 1999-2008 State Quarters were minted. State quarters were a way to represent all the states of America on a coin. Each State also had their own “slogan”. For example New Mexico would have the slogan “Land Of Enchantment'' on their state coin and the North Carolina state quarter would have something saying “The Tar Heel State” on the coin. The coins in circulation were made up of copper and nickel and the s minted proofs were either copper nickel or part silver. They were made from the following mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver. The copper nickel quarters were worth face value but the proofs could be worth more. Silver proofs were worth around 10 dollars. Just so you guys know my favorite state quarter is the state quarter made for Arizona.

The state quarter series ended in 2008 leading up to the one year coin series, the U.S. Territory coin series. That series was all about the main U.S. Territories (District Of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands). I personally think these coins are really cool and always save them after coin roll hunting a hoard of quarters. They are made up of a copper nickel alloy and are worth face value. The proofs can be worth a few dollars. The silver variety of the proofs can be worth around 10 to 15 dollars. They were made in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Now I will be talking about some of the National Park quarters. (Not all of them). National Park quarters were minted between 2010-2021. The series was called the America The Beautiful Series. The series chose national sites (National Parks, Historical Sites, National Forests, Mountains Etc.) and put the sites on the U.S. quarter.

Thats it for today. I will likely release a second part of this. It will talk about the more newer designs that came out around this year. Including the Washington Crossing the Delaware coin, and Women’s Quarters series that came out this year.

Have a Awesome summer and enjoy collecting coins. I will see you guys in my next blog (Most likely part 2 of this blog).




Level 5

There has to be more each state can show than just 2 items. Bring back ATB as 2.0! How about state flags? State animals? Lots more.

Long Beard

Level 5

I liked the idea and the manner in which each series was released. The designs were pleasing and representative of each. And then they shifted to women, and somehow they lost their luster. Who knows? Perhaps in time the designs will grow on me.


Level 6

Great blog! I really enjoyed it! My favorite is the National Park series. Also gotta love those pre-1965 quarters! haha ; )


Level 2

Good information. I recently saw some controversy on Facebook about the 2022 Maya Angelou Quarter. George Washington faces right so that his back is to "In God We Trust". So the allegation is that the coin shows Washington "turning his back on God". It turns out that right facing design was submitted in 1932 by sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser, but not used. Its sad that even coins can be brought into culture wars, even when there is often an interesting backstory.


Level 6

Hey Eric, good to see you again. Those quarters brought a ton of new collectors to the field. Nice research work for this blog. Thanks.


Level 4

Quarters! Love quarters. Especially the varying designs since 1999. All the varieties are fun to collect, and make coin roll hunting that much more enjoyable. Quarter folders take up the biggest portion of my Whitman folder sets. And, collecting all the different mints and versions (proof and silver proof) keeps the interest going. Thanks for the blog.

AC coin$

Level 6

An attraction to most collectors are most the state oriented or thematic quarters. Many quarters within special collections are sought eagerly still after programs ended. Historically, all coins do have something to tell, but it is nice to know that someone else enjoys quarters' series like I do. Thanks for your blog.


Level 7

Thanks for a good blog. I liked it. One thing those quarters brought more collectors to the hobby. I collected them.Thanks for the description Keep them coming my friend. Mike

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