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01 Jan 2022


| Eriknation

Hi guys! It's Eric here and this is my second blog since I got off the site for a while. Hope everyone had a good new year. Oh and today I found an au 10 dollar bill star note with a 128k print run! So thats why i’ll be talking about star notes today. I hope you enjoy my blog. :)

You’ve probably heard of star notes, a star note is a star by the serial number of a bill. Star notes are printed when an error bill is printed and replaces the error bill. The government does this to keep track of the total bills printed. These special bills are kind of rare but you could easily find one while hunting bills or in some change. So far in my life I’ve found 2 star notes, a 1 dollar one and a ten dollar one. To find one just look if there is a star next to the serial number. Next I’ll be talking about the values. The values depend on the condition and the print run. I don’t know if I’m right but I’m pretty sure the print run is the total amount of bills printed in a batch for a series. Please tell me if I’m wrong. I can’t find much info. If your print run is below 640k then it’s considered rare. To look up the print run you can use this website: star note lookup. It will tell you the print run and total printed it will also tell you if its rare or not. Just enter the serial number, series, and denomination. I searched up on ebay.com and someone bid for a very toasty 640k print run 1 dollar bill for $1.25+99c shipping. So if you come across a crusty star note its still worth looking up the print run. Ones in mint state can make values skyrocket! Another listing on ebay sold for 30 dollars, it was a two dollar bill with a print run of under 20k. You probably wouldn’t find an error star note because it is pretty much an old error bill but reprinted and made sure it's not an error. So go look out for those star notes you could end up with a rare star note in your piggy bank or wallet! Hope everyone has a happy new year and better year this year. Lets go 2022!






I'm going to look out for those. Nice blog!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Really interesting! Thanks!


Level 5

Thanks for the information. I’ve been looking for Star notes for about half a year, but haven’t found any. I don’t handle bills that often though, so that is probably why.


Level 3

Same Here!


Level 6

Nice blog, always looking for star notes


Level 3

I like star notes they get to be very collectible,


Level 6

Nice blog! Star notes are cool that's for sure! ; )


Level 6

Good job. I enjoy checking my change for star notes. Thanks


Level 5

Star notes are interesting. I should check my bills more often for star notes. Interesting blog. Thanks


Level 7

Thanks. I get them from the A.T.M. from my bank!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great information . Thanks

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