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12 Jun 2021


| Eriknation

SUMMER VACATION! I will be going to some national parks until Wednesday. And yes, I will still be updating my blog. I'll share some stuff I did after I come back. I might as well write about the America the Beautiful national park series because I'm going to some national parks.




Level 5

Sounds like a summer adventure.


Level 6

Have fun. I live near several national parks.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Yosemite is also a beautiful place...We were there 16 years ago while visiting family in Fresno. Gettysburg National Battlefield is a great place also....you can't see either in just one day.


Level 5

Take a few pictures for us ! Let us know what coins commemorate the parks? Have a good time.


Level 6

So what National Parks are you going to?


Level 7

Yellowstone National . Enjoy it and take pictures!


Level 6

Check out the Joshua Tree Nation Park. You won't be disappointed. Have fun.

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