State Quarters National Park quarters

26 Feb 2021



Level 5

Nice work! I used to have a state quarters and ATB quarter folder, but then I decided to focus on my small cent collection


Level 6

Nicely done.


Level 5

Be careful storing your collection anywhere above 40% humidity.


Level 4

And the tube has centennials in it


Level 5

Nice set going on there!


Level 5

That is a really nice set, keep working at it, don't get discouraged!


Level 5

Quarters are a nice area to collect these days, with all the different themes. I have a folder of quarters from 1999-2003, but quit there. I just didn't continue. Keep up the good work and collect them all. Some day, you can look back and be thankful you did. Something to show the family when you older.


Level 6

Same collection?


Level 7

That's a nice set

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