Weird Indian Head Cent

21 Jun 2021

Today I found this indian head cent. But, something was wrong the color was silver. I did some research on pcgs coin facts but nothing was there about this coin. They did make some patterns like this but not in 1907. So if anybody knows what it is please tell me.



Level 5

I have a collection of holed coins started. Your cent must be plated, I am guessing.


Level 7

Someone used it to han?g from there neck or wrist


Level 6

Plate jewelry. The destruction of many a coin. I have saw pierced my share of Buffalo nickels.

Long Beard

Level 5

I would agree with Cent Searcher. Plated as a jewelry item.


Level 6

Odd looking... Where did you find it? ; )


Level 4

In some of change


Level 5

Because it is holed and silver color, my guess is that it was silver plated and then holed to be used for a necklace


Level 4

Oh yeh played coins.

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