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14 May 2017

Coin Collecting Software for The Mobile Collector

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If you are like most collectors you wish that there was a convenient, easy to use, and most importantly portable way to inventory your collection. I am here to say that I have also been looking for that one great software or app to get the job done and I think I have found a couple of options that you might like. Now I know I will get some backlash for this but neither of my choices are Collector's Assistant. This might be a wonderful software but for me price was a little to much $100 out of the box compared to $50 for CD of what I have, even cheaper if you download the digital version or go with the app.

The first software I am going to talk about is Liberty Street Software's CoinManage. This coin software is very flexible and configurable. It's key features are a large database of U.S. coins, PCGS slabbed coins can be automatically entered with just the scan of the bar-code, comes with built in reports or make your own custom reports, and can be loaded on any windows laptop. This software runs on window vista, 7, 8 & 10. You can find it on Amazon, Liberty Streets website, or eBay. It cost around $50 for the CD, $70 if you want U.S., Canada, U.K. database, or $90 if you want CoinManage Deluxe and CurrancyManage.

The Second one I am going talk about is an Apple & Mac app called US Coin Plus. This app is also very flexible and configurable. It's key features are a large database of U.S. coin that is ever expanding with frequent updates, auto updates to the bullion value, comes with built in reports or make your own custom reports, can be backed up to the cloud and restored to any other Apple device, and can be loaded to any Apple iPad, iPhone, or Mac. You can find it in the App Store for $6.99 and in the future there may be some in app purchases for upgrades. This is currently what I use since I always have my iPhone with me and can check my want list and coins I already have.



Level 5

It is nice to see more and more options to get this right and more user friendly.


Level 6

I'll have to check those programs out. Currently I just use an Excel spread sheet and a hard copy with the actual receipts, if I have one, for the coin. I make multiple copies in different ways, backup, flash drive because I don't trust anything. If you happen to subscribe to Coin World you are able to use an inventory program they offer for free. Its pretty good but has some valuation problems, if you care about that. Anyway, great blog and thanks!!

You are welcome, Glad you liked it.


Level 6

Thanks for intormation.

No problem, Glad you liked it.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great advice, totally worth reading. Thanks for this.

Glad you liked Pliny The Elder.


Level 7

I use a good old book with everything written about the coin in it. When I fill up a page I make a copy and put it in my safe. I can't deal with software anymore. I hope you find one. Mike

Everyone has to find what is best for them. I myself grew up around computers and have horrible handwriting so software just works best for me.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for enlightening us all

Glad you liked the Post.


Level 6

I was not aware of all these apps. Thank you. That would be a great article in a coin magazine, very helpful.

Thanks, I am glad you like the post.

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